hameco HS-44

The most important accessory in the hameco corded headset family, as well as a useful tool for offices and call centers. By using this tool, connecting any telephone to your heaset is a breeze. All you need is an RJ9 headset jack (e.g. HS-GQD-RJ, HS-GQD-RJ-CA or HS-GQD-RJ-P) and the HS-44 will solve the compatibility. The front panel covers two switches, which when set into the right position establishes the connection of the microphone and the earpiece. With help from the HS-44’s multifunctional switch, the earpiece’s volume can be adjusted (only in headsets manufactured from 2020 onwards). You can choose whether you would like to use the headset or telephone handset, with just the press of a button.

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Accessory support

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HS-44 datasheet accessory-file attribute type doc-datasheet english 2019 Download View
HS-44 user manual accessory-file attribute type doc-manual english 2019 Download View

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